For those few people who want to be able to identify a Mustang as it is driving down the street, here is a guide to help. Click on the images to obtain a larger, full size image.

1964 1/2 Mustang: Virtually identical in appearance to the 65. The 64 1/2 have a generator (alternator on a 65), and the Mustang insignia on the fender is 4 3/8" long (almost 5" on a 65).

1965 Mustang: The 1965 have a hexagonal pattern grill. The 65 have a quarter panel ornament that is narrower than the 66; however, the quarter panel ornament is omitted on the "Accent Group" option. Backup lights are an option on the 65.


1966 Mustang: The 1966 Mustang looks similar to the 65. Differences are the quarter ornament with the horizontal fingers, also omitted on the "Accent Group" option. The grill now has horizontal bars. Backup lights are now standard.

1966 Shelby GT350H: 936 of these cars were produced for the Hertz rental car company. The side stripes have the designation G.T. 350H.


1967 Mustang: The 1967 model is redesigned (ever so slightly) from the 65/66. The width of the car was increased from 68.2" to 70.9" to allow the 390 engine to fit between the shock towers in the engine compartment. The 67 and 68 are similar in appearance, but only the 68 has front and rear side marker lights.


1969 Boss 429 Mustang:


1970 Boss 302 Mustang: 1,628 Boss 302s were produced in 1969 and 7,013 Boss 302s were produced in 1970. Currently about 25% have been accounted for and registered. If you own a Boss 302, I highly recommend that you register it in the Boss 302 registry (link is on my home page). Unique features of the Boss 302 include staggered rear shocks, reinforced front shock towers, a Boss 302 engine, etc. Boss 302s have a "G" as the fifth digit/letter of the VIN number.

1970 Boss 302

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